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Our Gift Shop has many items such as rosaries, crucifixes, statues, medals, pictures, laminated holy cards, Novena books, bibles etc... please stop in, all proceeds go to the Shrine.

                                    :: Wide Selection of Wall Crucifixes available - some from Italy & Jerusalem ::

                                          :: Wide selection of small and large pictures w/ frame from Italy ::

                                                   :: Assorted medals on chain and large Crucifixes ::

                          :: Wide Selection of Novena Booklets and small prayer books: Easily fit into purses ::

                 :: Variety of Rosaries, some from Italy & Jerusalem //  Auto Visor Rosaries made in Italy ::
                                                                              :: Many items on Sale ::

                                                        :: Variety of Medals and Crucifixes on chains ::

                                                 :: Over 100 Laminated Holy Cards with prayer on back ::

:: Many small gifts and nice keep sakes ::