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The Shrine has a special area called  “Memorial Remembrance Walkway Stones”.   We hope that you would enter in the spirit of leaving a part of your heart here at the Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer by  generously giving a remembrance walkway stone not only as a memorial but because of your personal dedication to our Lord. The offering for the stones are $500USD each, which may be donated over a period of two months. These stones will be an everlasting standing remembrance of your hearts intention not only for your deceased loved ones, but to honor the living as well.  It could be a family or an individual  family member, a dear friend or a special person.

If interested, please see or call the Rector Father Manuel (x-229) or the Facilities Manager (Merlyn x-230)
- Forms are also available in the Shrine Office and Gift Shop -

** You may view the memorial stones by the
Jesus and Children Statue area to your right as you exit the church.

As pictured below **