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- Shrine Building Fund -

The Shrine was built in 1993 and over the years we have had many additions, upgrades and repair work done. We would like to thank all who have contributed to our Shrine Building Fund. Through your generosity we have been able to accomplish many projects and hope to continue to plan not only for improvements and upkeep, but to keep up with today's technology.

- Sealing of Windows to keep heat inside during winter months and cool air inside during the summer months
- Addition of storage cabinets in Sacristy as well as running water
- Addition of storage for Gift Shop and Maintenance
- Interior painting of Church (Walls)
- Removal of old broken alcove lighting system & repair of tabernacle lighting
- Addition of spot lighting in alcoves (where bronze statues in Shrine are located)
- Addition of an on-property washer and dryer
(removes the need for a 3rd party company to wash and deliver rags, rugs etc…)
- Updated electrical in Shrine Offices & Gift Shop to more energy efficient lighting that saves energy and costs per month
- Addition of a private restroom for visiting Priests and Bishop
- Repair of the automatic gate in the parking lot
- Complete renovation of men's and women’s restrooms
- Updated electrical inside the actual Church to more energy efficient lighting to save on costs as well as energy usage
- Painting of Lot Fence and Gates
- Installation of Terrazzo wainscot in Church to protect walls from damage
- Painting of walls in Back Sacristy
- Re-Striping of Parking Lot
- Repair and painting of ceiling in actual Church- due to the roof leak of 2009
- Removal of current Back Sacristy flooring and installation of new flooring
- Removal of old Gift Shop roll up door and installation of new solid roll up door
(Keeps AC in to prolong life of AC unit)
- Installation of LED lighting by Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine Area
- Expansion of Shrine offices and storage area - to remove storage pods in lot
- Repair and installation of tiles to Sanctuary Steps
(Helps older Priests and Volunteers walk up and down steps easier)

- Painting of Vestibule Ceiling
- Removal of current Vestibule, Office and Front Sacristy flooring and installation of new flooring

- Addition of wainscot in Vestibule to protect walls from damage

- Removal of current Chapel and Gift Shop flooring and installation of new flooring

- Painting of Exterior of Shrine (Re-point and repair cracks) 

- Installation of new Surveillance Camera System
- Updated electrical in Electrical Room, Maintenance Room and both Sacristy's to more  energy efficient lighting that saves energy and costs per month
- Removed original flat roof over Shrine entry, offices, gift shop, restrooms, Sacristy and Chapel that was leaking and replaced with new roof- Installation of new doors in Shrine
- Installation of new AC/Heater Thermostat in Chapel
-Removal of broken speaker and speaker housing on west and east walls in Church, patching of holes and painting

- Church entry doors replaced and project completed in August 2016

- 2016 installation of new church pews and flooring

- 2016 repair and remodel Shrine sound system

- December 2016 installation of 6 additional electronic votive stands

Upcoming 2017 Projects:

-Replace original phone system and update internet

-Remodel of Gift Shop

-Re-striping of parking lot

- Replacing original inefficient Church HVAC units to more energy efficient units
(2 units have been replaced)